Bed leg and Headboard designer

Renaud Uhl, founder of myQuintus:

Renaud Uhl, founder of myQuintus: One of my most cherished childhood memories was driven by an insatiable curiosity that pushed me to spend hours and even days in family attics and basements, sifting through the mess to unearth dusty treasures that sent me travelling through time.

The objects that fascinated me the most were the ones that baffled me. I tried to figure out what they had been designed for, letting my imagination invent a use for them. This time travel could be dangerous, as I discovered when finding a use for some turn-of-the-century explosives – resulting in several visits to the neighbourhood hairdresser.Searching for uses for these objects made me want to invent my own.

This started with the ambitious project of turning my parent’s garden into a ski resort (in full summer) or into a rocket launch base.It was a beautiful childhood where anything was possible for my curiosity and inventions. Wouldn’t it be great to make it a lifetime occupation? I decided then and there to be an inventor!

After a long and winding road of life and studies my dream took shape: I became a mechanical engineer. I was paid to be curious and invent objects for my clients. What? You can earn a living while simply playing? I loved it!

During my career, I led a study "on the Darwinism of computers" which in turn led me to create "OLO Computer", a computer of the future. Immediate success and global buzz aside, this invention brought me nothing more than the extraordinary satisfaction of having understood something and the conviction that I could do it again! .

Awesome! In 2009, I met Bernard Besson, an expert in economic intelligence and together we produced a repository of existing links between innovation and information. The concept of inventive intelligence was born and deployed in hundreds of companies. I knew that my wealth came out of all these meetings, all this curiosity, but an envy kept gnawing at me , more and more to the point of becoming an obsession: to launch my own project.

Fast-forward to 2014. The adventure begins and is based on a simple question : why do we only see a bed as an object to sleep on ? From this came myQuintus. What do I want ? To make you dream ! Because the bed is a magnificent place. On it we read fantastic stories, live wild adventures and build the future (both literally and figuratively). The journey was not smooth with many pitfalls and almost unsurmountable resistance but in the end, who or what can stop an inventor who has kept his childhood sense of wonder?