Alexia Schroeder

Alexia Schroeder lives and works in Paris. Her work falls somewhere between art and textile design. Her approach is to enhance the beauty of the banality of everyday life through revealing, transforming, the sublimating it for all to see.

She is interested in such details as the shadows formed by a sunny staircase, and objects intended to be thrown away, such as mailing envelopes with patterned interiors or the recycling of fabric scraps. The transformation of matter is possible from the moment where one perceives its aesthetic potential. For Alexia this means giving it life in order to better reveal it. Her head board is an expression of lines and dots, all elements of an extremely simple graphic vocabulary that creates a textured graphic. Art meets every day life, taking a central place in the bedroom. The head board has become a new medium for the expression of her art and the contemplation of beauty in a personal space.



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