Furniture compatibility


As our headboards stand directly on the floor, they are compatible with all beds.

Bed Feet:

Almost all beds on the European market use a standard type M8 mounting. All bed feet in the myQuintus collection are equipped with this mounting. However, it is possible to purchase M8 to M10 adapters for those few exceptions requiring an M10 fixation.

For those into DIY : Make your own personal DECO statement by adding myQuintus feet to your IKEA furniture. The following items use a standard mounting compatible with the myQuintus M8 mounting.

Ikea Hacking:

Storage: Bestå sofas series

Sofas: Härnösand, Karlsfors, Karlstad, Klippan, Klobo, Ljungvik, Oleby, Sandby, Säter, Skee, Skogaby, Söderhamn, Stockholm (up to 3 seats), Strandmon, Söderhamn, Solsta, Tidafors, Vaxholm, Ystad,

Armchairs: Mellby, Tullsta armchair, Karlstad, Strandmon, Solsta-Olarp, Karlsfors