How do I purchase only the headboard cover?

The purchase of a headboard cover is done in the same section as the headboard and cover kits. You simply click under the relevant size on the desired model, choosing only the headboard cover.

Is the ink used to print the motifs safe for small children?

myQuintus has chosen partners in the Vosges region of France that are certified as Class 1 Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This norm, which is the most severe norm in existence, is used for items for babies and children under 3 years old.

Why not cotton instead of polyester?

We have several reasons for choosing polyester. It doesn't wrinkle, leaving your headboard impeccable at all times. We also like to be able to trace the origins of all materials that we use, which is practically impossible as far as cotton is concerned. And finally, polyester is softer to the touch than cotton.

Are the headboard covers washable?

Our printing technology makes it possible for you to wash your headboard cover in you washing machine with no special precautions. You can even put it in your clothes dryer.

Are myQuintus headboards comfortable?

Our headboards are remarkably comfortable. They are made up of a wooden base structure padded with 4 cm of high density polyurethane foam, the same foam as that used in mattresses.

How do I install the myQuintus headboard?

Our headboards are very easy to install. You just have to stand it on the ground and block it between your bed and the wall. You are provided with hooks for attaching the headboard cover to the wall using the straps on the back of the cover.

Will the myQuintus headboard fit my bed?

Our headboards are compatible with all standard dimension beds of 140, 160 and 180 cm. If you have a round bed, it will be very difficult to satisfy you.

My bed is very high. Is there a way to raise the myQuintus headboard?

Our headboards have been designed to stand on the floor. However, if desired, you can raise your myQuintus headboard thanks to our bracket attachments designed for fixing your headboard onto your bed. We sell them to you at cost to keep the price low. You attach the brackets between the foot of your bed frame and your bedspring and then simply place the headboard on the brackets. (There is also nothing stopping you from hanging it on the wall.)

Can I have my own chosen motif put on the headboard?

It is of course possible to send us your own headboard motifs to totally customise your bed. We invite you to share your project with us and we will send you a commercial proposal, determined according to the size of your headboard and the desired quantities.

What if my bed is not a standard size?

MyQuintus has complete mastery of its production cycle. With the help of our partners, we are able to make our headboards in the dimensions of your choice. We invite you to share your project with us and we will send you a commercial proposal determined according to the size of your bed and the number of headboards to be ordered.

I know a very talented artist. How can he join the myQuintus artist community?

myQuintus is always looking for talented artists. Send your creations to art@myquintus.com and we will get right back to you.

Luminous bed leg

Are myQuintus bed feet compatible with my bed?

All beds currently on the market are equipped with a standard M8 mounting which is the mounting that comes with myQuintus bed feet. If your bed is one of the few exceptions, we can equip your bed feet with an M8 to M10 mounting adapter that you can get by clicking here

Why don't the luminous bed feet wake me up?

myQuintus bed feet have been designed to not disturb the person who stays in the bed. To achieve this, the intensity of the light is just enough for a person to move around in the dark when their pupils are dilated. We have made sure that the bed foot lights up gradually to softly accompany you as you wake up. And, finally, our bed feet light up only the floor.

Will my dog or cat activate the bed foot lights?

Our bed feet light up whenever our animal friends pass in from of them- As our bed feet light up only the floor, you won't wake up.

From what distance does myQuintus LIGHT detect my presence?

Our bed feet are equipped with captors than can detect your presence up to a distance of 5 m and with a 90° angle of detection.

How long does the light stay on?

Our luminous bed feet turn on for 20 seconds. If you are still detectable they will stay on for another 20 seconds.

Where do I place my luminous bed feet?

It all depends on the configuration of your room. In general, we recommend placing your luminous bed feet at the head of the bed so that when you get out of bed at night, they will light automatically. Need advice? Send us a drawing of your room with the position of your bed and that of your door and our interior design specialists will send you their suggestions.

How do I adjust the position of the light on the myQuintus luminous bed foot?

myQuintus bed feet are equipped with an exclusive, user friendly attaching system. You simply screw them on and once they have reached their optimal clamping force you can rotate them to adjust the position of the motif according to your preferences.

What is the autonomy of the myQuintus LIGHT batteries?

Our bed feet have been designed with batteries that will last more than 2 years (with an average of 6 lightings per night.

Does myQuintus LIGHT use special batteries?

myQuintus uses standard CRP2 LITHIUM battery. 

I accidentally kicked my luminous bed foot and the lens fell off.

We hope you didn't hurt yourself. Just like aeroplane wings, the myQuintus light mechanism is supple and absorbs shocks. Just put the lens back in place and you're done.

My myQuintus bed foot doesn't turn on during the day. Is this normal?

That's perfectly normal. The luminous bed feet have a light sensor so that they will only light up in low light conditions.

Graphic and design bed legs

Are your printed patterns resistant to shocks and UVs?

All printed myQuintus bed feet (Color and Graffiti) are coated with a fine transparent film to protect them from vacuum cleaners and cleaning products. The ecologically friendly ink that we use contains no solvents and this coating also protects our bed feet from the negative effets of UVs.

How do you clean myQuintus bed feet if they get dirty?

We pay a very particular attention to the quality of the manufacturing of our products. We recommend cleaning our bed feet with a mild cleanser such as you would use to clean your windows. Simply apply the product to a clean cloth and wipe off the bed feet with it

How do you attach the bed feet and adjust the positioning of the motifs at the same time?

myQuintus bed feet are equipped with an exclusive, user friendly attaching system. You simply screw them on and once they have reached their optimal clamping force you can rotate them to adjust the position of the motif according to your preferences.