Eclisse is an artist from the Franche-Comté region of France who has been working on the same graphic concept since 2010. The concept would make music tangible. To do this she has been listening to “Svefn-g-englar” by Sigur Ros, and more particularly to the few seconds that cause chills to run up and down her spine. This occurs between 6:07 and 6:23. She did this ten times resulting in 10 drawings which were then superimposed to give birth to a graphic scenary and perhaps a strange animal - which well suits this Icelandic music.

"We do not necessarily think of music as a tangible reality, but it has tangible expressions. It can also be an illustration, a painting, a drawing" Christian Marclay. Eclisse is an artist from the Franche-Comté region of France, who owes her name to the French word for the piece of wood that closes the soundboard of a guitar or a violin. Passionate about music, and accompanied by her sketchbook, Eclisse has been wandering around concerts and festivals in France and Europe for the past 20 years in search of musical anecdotes to illustrate. At the same time, since 2010, she has been working on a graphic concept that allows you to recreate the feeling that you get when listening to a piece of chosen music and more specifically the few seconds when your hair stands on end and you are covered in goose bumps. At a time when our relationship with music has changed thanks to Internet and new technologies, we listen to music differently, sometimes like gluttons, without taking a moment to really listen to it. Eclisse then offers us a graphic pause, to re-learn to feel the sounds and perceive them in another way. At different times during a month, she listens a dozen times to a few chosen seconds of music. Each time she draws a line from point A to point B and at each sitting, the place, time, sensitivity and emotions differ, which is shows in the shape of the line being drawn. At the end of the process, the drawings are grouped together, then superimposed to give birth to a graphic landscape or an imaginary shape. The music then becomes tangible.



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