Bastien Massot

Didactic illustrator, I try to understand and describe the world around me. I enjoy observing codes of representation and the relationships that we have with objects. I produce most of my visual art for the communications and museography industries.

Reflecting on how to explain things visually is my quest. I am at the service of transmission of knowledge. I like to be the link between the holders of knowledge and those who wish to acquire it. To carry out this mission well, I concentrate on exchange and discussion with the person wishing to spread information. Once this dialog has been established, we can then focus our attention and create in a relaxed and open manner. Everyone can then bring their personal approach to the table, with their experiences and references, for the benefit of the project. I got involved in silk-screening a few years ago, and this allows me to control all the steps in the creation of images. From Idea to Finished Project.

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